The Molt Gear Story

Growing up in a small town on a small dairy farm formed the foundation of constant hard work for Molt Gear Founder/Owner Scott Threinen at an early age. This small town and dairy farm just happened to be located right outside the famed goose hunting refuge of Rochester, Minnesota. From an early age it was hard work, and big geese. 

After hearing birds constantly landing in the cornfields behind the family farm, Scott took up waterfowl hunting at age twelve. By age fourteen he was helping guide hunters at local outfitters. Hunting and calling big geese was Scott’s first passion, and with a call constantly in his hands he went on to win the 2007, 2008, and 2009 World Live Goose calling Championship held in Easton, Maryland every year. After three straight wins Scott was retired from the competition. 

With the love of being around geese and listening to them, Scott started the bird-first philosophy and the Molt Gear idea was born. In 2006 Molt Gear released it’s initial product Bad Grammer the CD. The consumer could learn how to call from the birds themselves with live recording of each sound. In 2008 Molt Gear released Bad Grammer the DVD after the success of the CD. This DVD gave the viewer not only the sound but the sight of the goose doing each note. It also taught each hunter when to use the sound out in the field with live hunting examples. The Bad Grammer Instructional series is the number one selling instructional of all time, and now today with the release of the Bad Grammer Academy it allows the same teachings to be viewed on a hand held device to make practicing on your time even easier. The Bad Grammer name and teachings is still going stronger than ever.  

In 2010 the first step of the Goose Society DVD series was released. Teaching hunters about decoys, decoy spreads, concealment, flagging and calling. These hunts where done right where you hunt, around home in high pressure situations. After much success Goose Society 2 and 3 eventually were released, along with the Duck Society DVD. This instructional hunting based series is still selling today and more releases are to come. 

In 2013 Molt Gear released it’s first call, and of course it was designed to sound like a giant Canada goose. Five years in, Molt Gear now has three styles of goose calls and a duck call. Ease of operation, efficiency, tone, speed and power are a part of every Molt Gear call design. Designed to be used by hunters first and foremost, Molt Gear calls have also won over 60 calling titles in it’s short history. 

Today, Scott and the Molt Gear team reside in Rochester, Minnesota. Right where it all started. Living and working at ground zero of the rebirth of the Giant Canada goose creates a constant drive to produce the best products for hunters to use in the harshest Minnesota winter conditions. Working and hunting in this famed big goose hunting capital also allows Molt Gear to recognize, remember and pass on the history of the Giant Canada goose. Which is something we will never take for granted. It’s a bird-first philosophy that started many years ago and will continue to drive our everyday work and products. It’s a True American Waterfowl story that keep going because of you, the hunter, the costumer. Without you, none of this would be possible. We thank you for your support.