Today's waterfowl hunters have many different options to choose from when it comes to concealment. Pits, ground blinds, A-Frame style structures and more. Choosing which hide to use is generally based on the situation of what the cover is in the field. Pits if you have a leased field, ground blinds with high ground cover or A-Frames style if there is a good edge hide. To be a good day in and day out waterfowl hunter you really need all three at your disposal. 

Prone Hunt Photo 1.jpg

Sometimes though, you run into a situation where nothing looks good. No pit, low cover and no edge to really hunt and get away with. Creativity then takes over. On this hunt we ran into the "nothing looks good" situation. So we decided to get creative and hunt out of the Prone position. Which is sniper style, or laying flat on the ground with your face down. Maybe something you did when you first started hunting as a kid. 

Prone Hunt Photo 2.jpg

We took a panel blind, grassed it up and laid flat on the ground with the panel over us on the edge of the field. The flooded out area in the cornfield was close to the edge, but this was the only hide the edge offered. Our feet stuck out, but most of our body and head was covered by the panel. Shooting can be tricky, and we recommend making your first shot count. 

Prone Hunt Photo 3.jpg

Next time you run into a tough hide, give it a try. Its fun, different, and just adds one more style of concealment to your arsenal. You might experience a stiff back and neck after the hunt, but you might not notice when cleaning your birds.