Every year waterfowl hunters have a trip, some dates, or a group of guys they hunt with that they look forward to the most each year. It's a couple days to meet up with old friends, go back to a place many memories have been made, or a trip that’s been on the books every year. Whatever it may be you know what we are taking about, and you just can't wait for it to happen each fall. Our Molt Gear Society Staff hunt is exactly that. 

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Each year we hold an annual hunt for our Society Staff right here in Rochester, Minnesota. Our Society Staff is made up of guys and gals from across the United States and Canada which all share one common thing: the love of waterfowl hunting. This hunt is open to all our staff members to show our appreciation for their hard work, commitment, and representation of Molt Gear throughout the year. So each year when the migration hits, we get together. 

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The Molt Gear Staff hunt started in 2014 and this winter will be our 5th year of gathering together for an epic three days. Anywhere from 35 to 55 staff member have joined up for three days of hunting the renowned Rochester Refuge. The three days consist of dinners, awards, hunting, sharing stories, meeting new members, and a lot of laughs. 

We can't thank our Society Staff enough for the representation they give Molt Gear. We started the staff six years ago an now have some of our best friends out of it. We have staff members that now travel to hunt with each other, and some have even moved closer to live by each other. It truly is a family here with the members, and it’s three days we look forward to every year. 

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